Henri Cole

Gravity and Center

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A poet with "a quality of daring that is rare in our poetry."  –Louise Glück


What a hive of feeling, thinking activity this book is ... This is one of the least boring books of poems I've read in a long time ... Cole's sonnet is a form both economical and maximal, which, through both artifice and resistance to artifice, feels and makes you feel, thinks and makes you think. —Daisy Fried, The New York Times Book Review 
This volume of sonnets by one of the form's most distinctive practitioners calibrates tensions between mind and body, nature and culture, self and society, freedom and restraint ... the poems feel at once delphic and deeply personal, mapping the thin and porous membrane between the author's inner and outer worlds. —The New Yorker

For all the tightness and rigidity the sonnet form sometimes suggests, [Cole] is remarkable for how he lets in the light ... These sonnets don't let formal restriction inhibit the flow of emotion and heart ... Beautiful, searing work. —Andrew McMillan, Poetry  
These sonnets embody all the best qualities of this poet's enviable economy of language, evocative imagery, wicked turns of phrase, and sheer lyrical genius. —Diego Báez, Booklist


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