Henri Cole

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Dead Wren


Black Camellia

Dead Mother

Oil and Steel



"Middle Earth is Henri Cole's epiphany, his Whitmanesque sunrise.  The modulation of these poems is extraordinary:  they have a continuous undersong. 'It must give pleasure,' Stevens said.  So oxymoronic is pleasure-pain, in Henri Cole, that we need to modify Stevens.  But for now, poems like 'Icarus Breathing,' 'Original Face,' and 'Olympia' are the poems of our climate.  Henri Cole has become a master poet, with few peers."
     -- Harold Bloom

With Lazarus the hen.
Henri & Lazarus
courtesy of Naoe Suzuki

With Nobel Laureate Seamus Heaney.
Seamus Heaney,  Nobel Laureate

Photos courtesy of Susan Unterberg (unless otherwise noted).